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Connect Two Computers without a Hub

Yes. Save that 60$ and just buy two networking cards, and a "patch" or "crossover" cable. The cable switches around the data send and data receive pins so data send goes into data receive. This way your network will work nicely without the hub. (Two computers only though)

Share one internet account

This information hasn't been compiled yet. but its easy. use www.winroute.net, or www.wingate.com, or whatever. They call it NAT (network address translation) or sometimes IP Masquerade. Here are two pictures of part of the backbone to the internet connection i am splitting, pic1 pic2. My Network

Setting up your personal network between several computers is pretty easy and relatively inexpensive. You can access files, and printers from the other computers using windows95 and win98's built in network support.

To copy my setup you'll need a hub (4port=40$), ethernet card for each pc (20$ each), and some cable (20$).

The Steps
1. Install the networking cards, make sure the drivers are setup right using Device Manager (start -> settings -> control panel -> system -> device manager)
2. Now plug in all the cables, one end in the network card the other in the hub.
3. Next for the network layer: the easiest layer is Netbeui, install using start -> settings -> control panel -> network in the Network make sure NetBEUI is in there, if it isn't add it use Add -> Protocol -> Microsoft -> NetBEUI.
4. The file sharing layer: start -> settings -> control panel -> network make sure "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks" is in there. If they arn't use Add -> Service -> Microsoft -> and filesharing for microsoft.
5. Last make sure "i want others to see my stuffs" in File and Printer Sharing are checked, also in start -> settings -> control panel -> network -> identification set your computer name and workgroup. The computer name should be one word, workgroup needs to be the same on all computers.

Thats it
Now share something on the computers, in MyComputer right click on the hard drive, goto sharing, click shared as -> full -> ok. You can share printers the same way.
Access drives using network neighborhood or start -> run type in \\computername\c where computername is the name you specified in identification in the network control panel.

Other things
Most games these days use TCP/IP (internet protocol), or IPX. You can experiment with those later. IPX screws up some machines causing them to hang on shutdown. With tcp/ip all you need to specify is an ip, use one of the personal use ip's like 192.168.1.x, give each computer its own ip.

River Front Software makes this little utility for mapping / mounting ftp sites to a drive letter it works real nice and smooth.

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